Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A random little rant...

All right everyone, give me 3 dollars. For what you ask? No reason. Just give it to me. It's just 3 dollars. It's not like it's a whole lot of money. Will it go to charity? Nope. I'll probably buy me some luxuries I want, though I do raise money for charity so if you want to donate to that too, go for it. Why should you just give me 3 dollars? Well, isn't that normal?

Confession: I'm obsessed with the breakfast burrito (add tomato, you have to add tomato) at McDonalds. Today I go through for my addiction, and I decide, since the hubs is home for once during breakfast, to get him a sausage egg mcmuffin ($2.75 before tax). When the woman handed me my bag with a half-assed fake smile, I knew right then she fucked up the order some how. People like that always fuck up the order.

So on my way out, I check the bag making people behind me honk at me because nobody stops in a parking lot. Sure enough, no Mcmuffin. So I then took my time clogging up the parking lot because people honked at me (never piss me off behind the wheel), and then I turned around, U-turn, off-roading a bit in the grass (which if you don't want me to drive crazy, don't honk at me), and I go back through. Yes, I could have parked and gotten out of the car and skipped the line inside because fuck ups do entitle you to skip the line, but then that defeats the purpose of driving through. You can't really skip line driving thru, so I wait for 3 cars. Pain in the ass right? Only if you have a life that day, and today I don't.

So I get up to the window (after explaining through the talker thingy), and the fake smile lady hands me a bag with another fake smile thanking me (she didn't recognize me from 5 minutes ago), and I look in the bag, and it's another breakfast burrito, with sauce, probably the guy behind me's order. I hand her back the bag and said, "It's supposed to be a sausage egg mcmuffin." She closes the window, fusses with other employees, like, "Where the fuck does she come up with a sausage egg mcmuffin?" Throwing things around like she gives up (thank God she didn't choose a career disarming bombs). Someone informs her that she forgot it earlier.

The thought of them giving the bag they just handed me that I just went through to the guy behind me was kind of grossing me out and pissing me off. Anyway, she hands me a bag with a McMuffin, finally, and this time, no smile. Grumpy face. "Sorry." Like her mommy made her apologize to a kid she doesn't like.

Now, I forget things. You can call me Ms. Forgetfulson. I forget almost everything. I totally get that other people do. I totally get that maybe she was up all night with a sick kid or arguing with an asshole boyfriend and work just wasn't something she really wanted to do today. I get all that. I don't care if she forgets. I don't care if they fuck up. We are all entitled to that. But own it.

How hard is it to sincerely apologize? Eye contact with that little, "I'm so sorry," with that sound in your voice that you truly are because you are aware I just had to take an extra few minutes from my day to help remedy your fuck up, minutes you get paid for that I don't... No, instead, I'm treated like I'm Satan walking in on sacred ground, like I'm the one who fucked up, like I'm the pain the ass, and McDonalds is totally entitled to my money without supplying the promised goods. You would think at their wages they would know the value of a dollar and why some people are not really wanting to donate to a for-profit organization.

Had McDonalds said, "Okay guys, we are taking 3 dollars out of each of your pay checks just because we forgot to give it to you," the same people who expect us to just give them 3 bucks for the hell of it, who probably make up only a small percentage of the McDonald workforce, would be pissed. Some would probably quit. Others might start a movement to Occupy McDonalds. It would make national news.

It would be one thing if this was the only time that's ever happened to me. No, this story is pretty much one that repeats itself, and I'm in a small town where the fuckups are less often than they are in the major cities. I would fucking lose my shit Joe Pesci style on a daily basis if I lived in a city.

So the fact that I did not just bitch slap some fake smiled bitch with a breakfast burrito through the drive through window this morning, seriously, McDonalds should give me a cookie, a chocolate chip cookie.


  1. i feel your pain. most people treat me right but cannot blame them if they don't. our local is slammed with traffic. and they are always super friendly and apologetic if they mess up.

    1. We do have some places where they are generally friendly if they mess up. I also know the owners of the Burger Kings in the area, so if they are not friendly, I can always Facebook message people :) But no, they are my friendly place, the BK. There's one guy that works there, and he and I joke flirt. Of course, when I wrote this post, I was just livid about something meaningless, though I still think I make a good point LOL.